NGO frequently asked Questions?

The NGOs that are working for a genuine cause and need can either get in touch with us through mail or over the phone to discuss about the possibility of partnering. NGOs with necessary documents and proper paperwork alone will be signed up with Praise Foundation. Here is the list of the documents [but limited to] that Praise Foundation will be verifying before the initiation of the partnership.

  1. Registration, trust deed
  2. 12A and 80G certificate (for offering tax exemption to donors)
  3. 35AC certificate, if you have one (for offering tax exemption to donors)
  4. FCRA certificate, if you have one (to access international funding)
  5. Annual, quarterly, monthly reports
  6. Audited financial statements, budgets [at the least last two years]
  7. Monitoring and evaluation reports [If any]
  8. Donor feedback reports
  9. Awards or honours received by the NGO [If any]

An NGO can click the sign up button on the login page and provide us with the information of the contact person representing the NGO, and then once logged in the NGO will be prompted to submit information about the organisation. Once this is complete our Relationship team for NGOs will get in touch with the NGO and take the process forward.

We will be providing NGOs with the platform to exhibit their projects, project progress in the form of news feed, photos, and videos to Corporates and individuals via our praisefoundation.in website. We will also be partnering and looking to partner with Corporates interested in CSR by providing them visibility for their CSR activities to the general consumer as well as NGOs and other Corporates via the website. To answer this question, we will be providing the platform, the leverage for NGOs to ask to funds and corporate clients and individuals who are signed up with Praise Foundation with the intension of finding suitable NGO projects to fund. So when the right connection between corporate/individual values on social causes and an NGO matches funding will happen. But what we guarantee is marketing of the website in both Chennai and Bangalore to promote visibility of NGO work among corporates and the general consumer.

As per terms and conditions to sign up with Praise Foundation, we will be the medium to transfer funds from corporates to NGOs ensuring regular feedback from the NGOs to the corporate and visibility of needs of NGOs to corporate.

All proceedings will go directly to the Cause/Project exclusive of service tax and credit card charges.

Please contact us through admin@praisefoundation.in and we will be happy to provide you with the relevant information.

Underspent will not be encouraged and does not look good on the NGO credibility. If under un-avoidable circumstances there is underspent the NGO will need to check with Praise Foundation who will in turn check with the corporate funding the cause. Note: Only rare cases will be looked into after scrutiny.

Yes but the reason for the need is to be specified upfront to maintain transparency to donors.

Typically the contract will last for one year further, which will have to be renewed.

If the need is timely and still can be monitored and accounted for then yes. This will be at the discretion of the Head of Relationships –NGO at Praise Foundation.

No, the NGO will not be asked to pay for signing up, posting videos, photos on their public profile. Also nothing will be charged to the NGO for submitting articles, photos and videos for public view. But the NGO will have to bear the costs attached to live streaming, taking photos and relevant content, conducting events that can be posted on the website

Yes, an NGO can post their website address and location details on their public profile.

Praise Foundation caters to all deserving NGOs, irrespective of caste, community or religion.

Praise Foundation is a registered company under section 7 of the Companies Act, 2013 and rule 8 of the Companies (Incorporation) Rules, 2014 to facilitate NGOs and Corporates. This registration means that neither the Directors nor the Advisory Panel members are eligible to take any income generated by Praise Foundation.

Apart from visibility on the website Praise Foundation has a dedicated team to manage relationships with NGOs. This team will ensure NGO comfort in dealing with corporates but will require commitment from the NGO to provide timely reporting and feedback about the projects. The team will also visit the NGO projects to provide greater visibility of work to the Corporates.

Corporate frequently asked Questions?

  1. Praise Foundation to share research and insights regards NGOs to Corporates
  2. Praise Foundation supports Corporate in identifying with the right NGO with respect to CSR policies.
  3. Employees are happy to work with companies with a good image and volunteer for opportunities.
  4. To be visible actively in Community and Social Reformation on Praise Foundation Platform:
  5. Better and more media coverage of Corporate brand name.
  6. Praise Foundation will have capabilities to take up the CSR activities for the Corporate.

Praise Foundation provides visibility to Corporate CSR activities. Also Praise Foundation can support the corporate mission statement on social reformation by providing support options for not only funding but volunteering in NGO work for social reformation and community development.

Praise Foundation does background checks and verifies that the NGO has all necessary and valid paperwork for their existence. We also verify that the organization has relevant programs and documented evidence of their functioning towards social causes and community development. The organizations are signed up only after the feedback is satisfactory. Even through the entire partnership Praise Foundation with be monitoring the progress and keeping track of the funds utilized by the NGO, constantly providing them with necessary feedback.

Yes, our NGO partners are selected based on track performance not religion.

All information about Praise Foundation is transparent and available on the website. We will answer further queries. Our advisory board consists of reliable and experienced individuals and we are a team who is motivated to help change lives. So everything is transparent and any questions are welcome, please get in touch with us at admin@praisefoundation.in

We are again working with advisors who are reliable and recognized and have been in the corporate and NGO world for more than 20 years each. And we have started offices in both Chennai and Bangalore. Regional Office: #420, First Floor, Mathrushree, 4th “A”Cross, Kalyan Nagar,2nd Block,Bangalore-560 043. Tel: +91 8041690883/887
Registered Office: No.9, Ground Floor, 5th Cross Street, ShastriNagar, Adyar, Chennai-600 020. Tel: +91 44 45587685/ 45587868 We have also invested in creating a well-rounded and passionate team to make a difference. We currently have a relationship team for NGOs, Relationship head for Corporates, Marketing head and admin team.

Interested corporates can contact our Corporate Relationship Managers Chennai: Manisha Ahuja at manish@praisefoundation.in
Bangalore: Mathew M.T mathew@praisefoundation.in

Praise Foundation will provide Corporates will quarterly reports of NGO progress. This will be a standardized format created for the ease of use by NGOs

No, we don’t encourage donations in kind. That said, if a corporate wants to donate a certain kind of gift to an NGO, for example school uniforms etc. they can based on the specific need order for the gift in a retail shop or release funds for the purchase of gifts by NGO. Note: Only if there is a need for such specific gifts will Praise Foundation consider.

Corporates will be informed up-front when interest is shown to fund a project as to how much of publicity the NGO running the project is comfortable with.