Praise Foundation envisages to create a consortium of deserving not for profit organisations, companies, institutions & individuals and bring them on a common platform.


The platform would drive Social Reforms and Community Development whilst creating impact and awareness about the various social causes that delve deep in our society

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Create a platform where the project details and requirements of NGOs can be Integrated by companies to channelize the necessary funding and voluntary support


Partner with Corporate Houses to leverage their CSR Budget Allocations and channelize them with partner NGOs in a transparent and reliable manner


Inculcate an awareness towards social causes and drive donor partnerships and volunteering using our web platform and social media as the pivot

OUR Process

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Praise Foundation follows a structured methodology with strict checks and balances in place to ensure the authenticity of the organisations that are recommended on the platform. Key activities / parameters that we personally conduct and monitor during the screening include:

  • Financial Health over the last 3 years
  • Scale and spread of activities
  • Profiles, experience & expertise of key team members
  • Physical Site Review
  • On Ground Inspection and dipsticks to validate project results
  • Ability of the Institution to deliver on-ground projects versus the plan
  • Feasibility and Social Impact of the suggested project


Praise Foundation works closely with its Corporate Partners and offers various services to drive the conceptualization, execution and monitoring of socially impactful projects. This includes:


  • Consult: Provide guidance and support to our partners in choosing the right project and NGO based on the CSR objectives
  • Ideate : Conceptualize, Develop and Advise the financial feasibility of new projects based on the corporation’s needs & priorities
  • Augment: Embellish the existing CSR Projects & activities of the corporates through various methods including:
    • Enhance spread and reach
    • Revitalization of Value Proposition
    • Provide dedicated resources for on-ground implementation
    • Drive Awareness & Visibility
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